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Dynamicam 3d cable system

This is a new 4 point minimized robotic camera system designed to suit a wide range of different venues such as TV studios, Sports arenas, Media production and Conference halls.

Its key features are:

  • Ultra small, lightweight system that enables maximum performance and safety at an affordable price.
  • Full HD/4K integrated advanced camera.
  • Provides spectacular footage by creating unlimited camera movements that can be programmed in advanced.
  • No battery required.

For more info please visit:

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Flyline Cable Cam System


The Flyline is a self-powered point to point suspended cable supported camera trolley system that accommodates most stabilized Gimbals like the DJI Ronin and Movi.

Set up is very simple and quick, all you need is 2 strong anchor points, connect in between a Dyneema Rope, tense it up and you’re ready to go. The Flyline system comes complete with all you need to rig. We supply a tension meter for the rope, battery’s for the trolley, remote control for driving and 2 Kenyon Gyros for extra stable shots.TheFlyline reaches a speed of upto 35 kmh and its uses are endless giving you breathtaking shots and a unique POV while keeping in mind minimal size and weight.

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Drones and Aerial photography


Insured and licensed.
For either close or long range aerial video, photo and cinematography service. With years of experience, we have flown in Feature Films, Commercials and Television productions.

We can fly a range of drones starting from DJI mavick to DJI inspire and larger drones for, RED and Arri Alexa Mini including FPV to fit your budget and needs,
Our services include pre-planning, insurance, licensing, permissions, all the necessary equipment, remote control gyro stabilized camera head, cameras, lens, wireless video assist and crew with years of flying experience.

  • Photography of productions and events
  • Photography of architecture and buildings
  • Sports and extreme photography
  • Modeling and measurements
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