X JIB pro scissors crane

the X jib is a motor running telescopic scissors crane that lets you easily capture creative shots usually done with high end and expensive Technocranes. the X jib can accommodate a variety of gimbals for stabilization and accurate motion. rigging up is fast and simple. perfect for indoor tight spaces and because of its light weight and easy rigging it is a perfect tool for on location shoots. fits into a private vehicle.

x jib pro: length:5.2m/ reach:4m
length when retracted: 1.2m
X-jib pro’s payload is 12kg with gimbal

X-jib supports all cameras that can be mounted to each gimbal

1. Freefly Movi Pro + Arri Alexa Mini

2. Ronin + Red Epic

3.Ronin + Sony PXW-FS7 + metabones + EF24-70

4. Ronin + Extension arm + Sony PXW-Z150

5. Ronin + Extension arm + Sony PMW-EX3

6. Ronin + Sony A7sii + Xeen Lens 24mm

7. Ronin2 + Sony PXW-FS5

X-jib body only : 32kg
When you mount 12kg (camera and gimbal) on the head : Body weight will be about 100kg (Head 12kg + X-jib body 35kg+ counter weight 53kg = 100kg)