Elit Stabilized Head with zoom-focus for TV & Film Professionals
Universal gyro stabilized head for professionals serving large film and TV sets that is ideally suited for both studio and outdoor use. Besides, Elit has an extremely wide axis working range which allows for seamless and steady movement.
Stabilization at high speeds
High torque motors combined with external GPS IMU are the guarantee of undisturbed image and perfectly levelled horizon at high speeds.
Stable solution
Elit is weather resilient, efficiently working in in temperatures ranging from -10 up to +50 Celsius.
Quick and easy set-up
Every minute counts on the film set. That is why, we created a light head (12,2 kg!) and ready-to-go accessories to give you the flexibility you need. It’s all packed into a professional transport cage – super portable, compact and convenient while shooting.
Remote controller with zoom-focus
Elit remote offers high precision 3-axis hall sensor joystick for precise frame control as well as zoom-focus support for all Canon & Fujinon broadcast lenses.